We offer collection services to a variety of clients

  • Commercial Accounts
  • Landlord / Tenant Collections
  • Medical & Dental Accounts
  • Credit Cards
  • Consumer Loans
  • Auto Loans
  • Bad Check Recovery
  • School Loans / Tuition

We strive to bring the collections process to an expedient and professional conclusion. We locate debtors by using one of our uniquely designed collection systems in order to get you paid quicker than other agencies. 

A network of private investigators is also used in order to get our clients paid. Our goal is to collect the money rightfully due to our clients. Because we use some of the most advanced skiptracing tools and techniques, the result is a high collections rate.

Communication and Accounting

Status Reports


We offer regular status reports, so you can track our progress.

Immediate Cash Flow


We offer a service that allows all payments to be sent directly to you.

Unique System


We developed a system that gets you paid quicker than other agencies.